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The key to a healthy lawn is the root structure of the grass, which you can get by aerating and seeding regularly.

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Core Aeration

Our aerating and seeding service can help rejuvenate your lawn, especially in high traffic, or drought prone areas.

We remove small plugs of dirt from the lawn, which allows air, water, and nutrients to flow to the roots of your lawn.  This promotes a healthier root system and better looking lawn!  Your lawn will be ‘udderly’ gorgeous. 

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Improve your grass’ root system with regular aeration.  Adding in our seeding service makes your lawn’s root system so dense it is hard for weeds to take root.

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Aerating and Seeding Pricing

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How Often Should You Aerate?

It is ‘udderly’ up to you, but we recommend once every Spring.


The Best Time To Aerate

It’s best to aerate or re-seed in the fall.  Spring is also a good time for these services.

Let’s Rejuvenate Your Lawn

We can rejuvenate your lawn no matter what condition it is currently in.  If it has been damaged by drought, insects, disease, or heavy traffic, we can bring your lawn back to life!

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Lawn Aeration Graphic

Lawn Aeration Process

This illustration shows how and why aeration works.  The small holes (plugs) created by aeration creates little pockets so nutrients and water can have direct access to the roots.

You can see how the root structure is denser a few weeks after aeration than before, leading to a healthier lawn.  Also, aerating at the end of the Spring (beginning of our dry season) makes your lawn more drought resistant.

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Aerating and Seeding Your Lawn Works!

Another benefit of lawn aeration is that the aeration process removes some of the thatch built up on your lawn’s soil surface.  This aids in improving the flow of sunlight, water, and nutrients to the root system.

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Seeding and Overseeding is Safe!

Combining re-seeding or overseeding with a core aeration service really creates a plush, dense, healthy lawn.  Seeding can be performed over your whole lawn, or in any areas where the grass is getting patchy.

If you maintain your lawn with routine mowing, proper fertilization, yearly aerations, and overseeding when needed, the lawn will be very healthy and you should not need to add dangerous pesticides or herbicides.

Keeping your lawn safe for your children and other’s little ones.

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