Adam Dalton Lawn Care Springfield MO

We know you have questions!

Please feel free to contact us to get your specific questions answered.

Below we have provided the most common questions and answers we have received. 

I have a small gate, is that an issue?

No, we run various sized mowers so it’s not a problem.

What if it rains during the week?

We will not skip your property unless we experience more than 2 days of rain through the workweek. We will be later than your scheduled day but it will be mowed. If we get over 2 days of rain then you will be serviced the following week on your scheduled day.

Does weekly service mean even if it doesn’t grow I have to have it mowed?

No.  Anytime your lawn has not grown you can cancel with 48 hours’ notice. However if the following week the mowing service takes longer because of excessive growth there could be an additional charge for the additional time to make your property look its best.

Do I need to be home for an estimate?

No, but please make sure gates are unlocked and pets are indoors so we can access the whole property.

Why don’t you offer leaf removal estimates?

Leaf removal estimates are hard to do. There are so many variables that can change how quickly we can do a job for example rain, wind, more leaves falling after the estimate, etc. For that reason, an estimate will either be overpriced or underpriced which isn’t good for us or the customer. Doing the job by the hour makes sure it priced best for both.

What if we have an issue with our service?

We value your feedback and if we need improvement somewhere please contact us and let us know. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

I called and left a voicemail, how long until I receive a callback?

We try to return calls immediately but if we can’t we try to by the end of the day.

Do you guarantee you work?

Absolutely, if for any reason you are unsatisfied please notify us immediately so we can get it corrected.

What if I have a pet?

We love pets but for the safety of the pet, they have to be put away while we are servicing your property. We are very careful to make sure gates are closed when we are finished but while we are there working we do have to have gates open.

What if I have a swing set or trampoline?

We do our best to work around obstacles in the yard. We do not however mow or trim under a trampoline, we will trim around it as far as we can.

Do you service my lawn any in the winter?

We do offer leaf removal and we can set up a schedule to come by and pick up any sticks or debris you might have through the winter months if needed.

Why should we choose Hungry Cow Lawn Care?

Hungry Cow is a locally owned and operated business serving our home town.  We take great pride in what we do and offer exceptional service at a great value.

What is included with Lawn Mowing?

With each visit, we walk your property and remove any sticks or other debris.  Then we mow the yard, edge around all sidewalks and driveways, then blow the area clean, including blowing any clumps that may have been left behind by the mower.

How much is Lawn Mowing?

It depends on the size and setup of your yard.  We are happy to provide a free estimate.

How far from Springfield, MO do your service?

At present, we are only servicing Springfield.

Are estimates really free to request?

Yes.  You can request your quote here.

Is Hungry Cow Lawn Care on social media?

Yes, we are on Facebook and Instagram.

Does Hungry Cow Lawn Care have reviews I can read?

Yes.  Click here to read our reviews.

Is Hungry Cow Lawn Care licensed and insured?

Yes.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Can I get a call, text, or email the day before my service?

Yes just let us know this is something you would like and we can get it set up.

What are my payment options?

We accept credit cards, checks, or cash.

When is payment due?

Depending on the service you are requesting, our weekly customers get an invoice on the first of the month and it is due by the 10th.

Other services are due at the time of service.

My fence is locked…How does Hungry Cow Lawn Care handle this?

You can sign up for text alerts and leave the gate unlocked the day of service or you can put a combination lock on it so we can have access.

I have kids that leave toys on the lawn…How does Hungry Cow Lawn Care handle this?

As mentioned above, we start each visit with a walkthrough.  We will place any toys we find in the yard out of harm’s way.