The ‘Udder’ Lawn Care Company offers fertilization programs to meet your needs.  We want to keep your lawn looking ‘udderly’ perfect.

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Professional Fertilization

Our recommended fertilization program involves using granular fertilizer which is released slowly into your lawn over a period of weeks.  By reapplying fertilizer every 6 weeks, your lawn receives a continuous supply of nutrients to help it stay healthy all year long.

Combining this program with annual aeration, overseeding when necessary and regular mowing, leads to a lawn that is so healthy, we should never need to use dangerous pesticides or herbicides to control weeds or insect infestation.


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Springfield Lawn Care Programs

A series of regularly scheduled fertilization applications is also often referred to as a lawn care program or lawn treatment program.

This proactive approach includes everything necessary to keep your lawn looking great!

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We customize your program to your lawn’s needs.


Application Timing

From March through mid-December while the turf is actively growing.

About Our Lawn Care Program

Our fertilization program is designed to keep your lawn at peak health all year round and to ensure the safety of children, pets, our water supply, and other plant material at all times.

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Lawn Maintenance

Fertilization Feed Your Soil

Your soil’s nutrients are naturally depleted by the grass growing process.  Rain and returning mowed clippings are usually not enough to replenish the nutrients in your soil to maintain grass health.

This is why we recommend a regular fertilization program.  Replacing the nutrients a little bit at a time keeps your grass at its heathiest.

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Weed Control

This is one way to control weeds…hacking them down after they have taken over.

Our approach is more proactive.  Regular fertilization, routine lawn mowing, proper hydration, and aeration and over-seeding as needed gives your grass a strong base where weeds will find no room to grow.

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Our Lawn Care Program = Results

The results speak for themselves here at your friendly, neighborhood ‘Udder’ Lawn Care Company.

If you involve us in maintaining and feeding your lawn and give it the water it needs, your lawn will look like this one.


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