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The single most important routine lawn maintenance activity!

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Mowing Done Right

Here at The “Udder’ Lawn Care Company, lawn mowing involves more than cutting grass.

Our service involves walking your property to make sure there are no toys or debris in the yard before we start to mow.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail through every step of the process!

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Grass Cutting Frequency

Routine service leads to the best results, so we prefer a weekly mowing schedule, but can handle other requests as well.


Service Seasonality

From mid-March through November is the typical growing season.

About Our Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing your lawn properly on a set schedule is the single most important element to a great looking yard, and an important part of a complete lawn care system.

When we say properly, we mean, using well-maintained equipment, set up properly for your lawn.  We replace or sharpen our blades daily to ensure your grass is cut cleanly each mow.  We set up our mowers to cut your grass to the proper height (3.5 inches) to ensure it looks cared for and healthy.  Finally, we train our crew members to use the mowers to leave a classic pattern on your lawn whenever possible.

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Mowing Your Lawn is Important

As mentioned above, we take great pride in our mowing excellence.  We treat your lawn as if it were our own.  We start each visit with a walkthrough of your property and remove any trash or branches before we start to mow.

Our standard service blows the clippings back into your lawn to return the nutrients from the cut grass back to your soil.  Of course, for a small upcharge, we will bag and remove the clippings.

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Trimming and Edging is Standard

We trim any areas that our mowers can not reach such as trees, flowerbeds, etc.  This really enhances your property’s curb appeal by giving your lawn that well-cared-for, manicured appearance.

Trimming around your flower beds also provides a root barrier to keep invasive grasses from encroaching on flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.

We also trim around all sidewalks and driveways to give your lawn that clean “finished” look.  If you have invested in installing interesting landscaping in your yard, this service is essential to keep it looking great week in and week out.

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Grass Blowing

Blowing the Grass Clipping to Finish the Job

Lastly, each standard mowing visit includes blowing off all hard services (sidewalks, streets, driveways).  This leaves your property looking great and keeps your neighbors happy!!

We also do a walk-through of the lawn to make sure there are no clumps of grass.  If there are we blow those out to keep those piles from killing the grass beneath.

Don’t forget we also treat lawns.  Along with keeping your grass maintained on a regular basis, we’d also love to keep it green and weed-free!

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